Building the future 

I’m Katie, and I have a passion for helping ambitious entrepreneurs to build thriving, scalable businesses.

But what does that really mean? It means working with them to design a business they love, makes them money, and, most importantly, gives them the freedom to live life on their terms.

I’ve been my best client 

A dream in fact! I’ve taken consistent action to take the business in the direction I want and developed the business structure to support what I need to, without it being over-complicated. I’ve nurtured a brilliant team, launched new services, focussed on my own personal growth and taken a holiday!  I’ve taken advice and I’ve worked hard to implement this in a way that works for me.  I’ve seen big results, I’ve built a business that has seen year on year growth, is sustainable, scalable and that I absolutely love!

But…. I have also been my worst client! Procrastination, doubt, lack of action. Focussing on the things in my comfort zone, to take my mind off the things I know I need to do but aren’t my favourite! That feeling of taking a big leap and not being too sure of your landing spot.  Experimenting, pivoting and wondering if it will be worth it.

I’ve been there too. 

As soon as I started to develop the structure that I needed for my business, and the way I worked, and implemented it, that’s when everything started to fall into place. 

Are you ready to work on the structure that sees your business vision become a reality?


I want to help you to do things your way. 

Since 2010 I’ve worked with business owners at all stages of their entrepreneurial journey, and I’ve discovered that for success, the how, the why and the what all need to come together.

My clients come to me because they want a confident, proactive approach to online business strategy and management and efficient and effective practices that get things done. They want support in turning ideas into actions and the accountability to keep projects on track. My clients have big plans, and they want someone to work alongside them to achieve what they want. That’s what they get.

I bring a wealth of experience in online business strategy, management, structure and processes to ensure that my clients have a solid foundation for their business to operate now, but also to make their visions reality.

I want to help you to fulfil your potential and build your remarkable business by allowing you to focus on being the creator and visionary.

Nobody starts a business to struggle. My clients get results – and that means freedom, financial abundance and a re-energised optimistic outlook for the future.

I want to help you to make it more successful than ever before.

Katie is amazing! She brings structure and organisation with a human touch. She’s practical, down to earth and so easy to work with. Katie listens to what I want for my business but she also makes brilliant suggestions for what else we could do. It feels like I have a partner to create with and it’s wonderful!

Helen Amery

Wild Fig Solutions Ltd.

Your business, your way!

It seems like every week there’s a new system, app or discovery about how best to run your business.

“Try this system, and you’ll only work 4 hours a week!” “This is the only marketing hack you’ll ever need!” “This is the sure-fire way to reach six-figures!”

You buy the book/course/event ticket. Maybe this is the solution you’ve been looking for! But time after time you’re disappointed when you discover that all this is telling you is what you should be doing – not how to do it, or how it applies to your business.

In the end, the only things that these shiny objects often deliver are frustration, confusion and overwhelm.

When it comes to business, there are very few “quick wins” or shortcuts. The fastest way to grow a profitable business is to put in place the structure that is  right for you. Processes and frameworks which give you the headspace to do your best work for your clients, the time to plan for the future and the flexibility to live a life you love.

Travel, pizza and Caramel Macchiatos

So this is the bit where I step out from behind the laptop!

My entrepreneurial journey started because I just wanted to see what it was like to run a business!  There’s no rags to riches story or underlying motive.  I actually loved my career for most of my employed years, but I really wanted to create and sustain my own business, and it didn’t take me long to learn that done right it can afford a business lifestyle so full of opportunity. 

I love to travel. The US (that is LA behind this box, one of my favourite views), the UAE (yes that’s me in the desert in the image above!) and Italy are my favourite places so far.

I have a deep connection to pizza (who doesn’t given the choice…?) and you can’t go wrong with a Starbucks Caramel Macchiato.  

Biggest achievement to date outside the business? My husband and I self-built our own house.  Literally, just us.  3 years of evenings and weekends. Sounds crazy when I say it out loud! It’s one of the best things I have ever done, but coupled with relocating, changing jobs and starting this business as a side hustle at the same time, it was also quite full on!  But that should reassure you my planning skills are second to none.

I can honestly say my business would not be what it is today without Katie! She was instrumental in my business growth and smarter business processes which freed up my time to do the important things. If you need someone to help you develop the business, be a support both practically and emotionally then Katie is your woman!

Teresa Heath-Wareing

You’ve come a long way already

Are you going to stop now?

Before you’ve really made a difference?

Without reaching your full potential?

Not having fulfilled your life’s purpose?

No, I didn’t think so.

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