The modern world of work today can take us anywhere.

All Around The World

The modern world of work today can take us anywhere, all from wherever we may be with our laptops, tablets and phones.

Technology makes it possible to stay connected and I love that.

Take last week, three of my clients were working internationally. One in America, one in Malaysia and one in Europe.  All have different businesses, were in different time zones, and all had my support.

Staying connected

Calls were had over Skype and Zoom.

Shared tasks were completed through Teamwork, Google Docs and email.

Communication via Slack made sure we kept in touch (“send a note on Slack when you’ve landed” is fast becoming the 21st century equivalent to “give three rings when you’re home”!).

When I worked in Executive Office I supported directors that travelled extensively at certain times of the year. Comparing how I work now to then, we must have felt totally disconnected!

No Skype but a clunky conference call system if the meeting room happened to be free when they called. Emails received only if there was decent wifi, and a text if there was anything urgent and network permitted.

First days back in the office were always blocked out as ‘catch up days’ as so much had been put on hold.  That was the way it worked, things almost stopped in comparison to today.


I can’t imagine working like that now.  There is so much available to us to work as productively and efficiently as possible, it’s a joy to be supporting people the way I do, wherever they are, or I am, in the world.

Long may it continue.

It’s only going to become more important for us to be open to new ways of working, to embrace all the new tech and how it can help us do what we do to the best we can.

It’s easy to carry on the way we always have done, but by doing that not only are we missing out on so much flexibility for how we can do our work, streamlining even the smallest workflows and saving time, but it’s actually really good fun!

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