Chaos to Calm 

As an entrepreneur, you’ve chosen an exciting, exhilarating and extraordinary path!

But, as you’ve probably already figured out, with the highs, come the lows.

Confusion. Overwhelm. Exhaustion.

You feel as if you’re taking two steps forward and one step back.

Well, don’t worry – you’re in the right place to get, and stay, ahead of the game!

Does any of this sound familiar?


Your social media posts show off an amazingly relaxed #laptoplifestyle, but behind the scenes, you feel as if you’re drowning.


You’re doing a fantastic impression of being in control and on top of everything, but in reality, you’re anything but.


You’re managing to show up as you need to in your business, but you’ve no energy left to show up in your personal life.


Your business vision seems to have stalled and you’re not sure what to do next to get your ideas in motion again.


Your clients think you’re the best thing ever, but you’re worried that your lack of systems, structure and organisation mean that you’re going to disappoint them any day now.

Launching a business was your dream 

You knew that you were made for more than just a dull 9-5. That your skills were going to waste working for someone else.

So, you made the jump and took a risk – and while the dream hasn’t exactly turned into a nightmare, you’re regularly waking up in a cold sweat (metaphorically or otherwise) and wondering if a steady desk job wouldn’t be so bad after all…

Don’t give up!

It might not be as easy as you thought (or as others make it look) – but it doesn’t have to be quite so tough, either!

You’ve made the commitment to be successful, what you need now is some support. And no one who ever made it “big”, made it alone.

You might not quite be at the stage where you can hire a team, but you can put in place processes and systems that will help your business grow to that next level without burning yourself out first.

You already know how to work hard – now it’s time to work smart!

Turning chaos into calm…


Understand how your business is performing in all the vital areas (sales, marketing, costs)


Give your clients a seamless customer experience (from quoting to onboarding to final invoicing and all the touchpoints between)


Prioritise your commitments to your clients, your business and to yourself


Enable other people to join your team easily and without too much input from you.


Free you your time and headspace so that you can make your vision become a reality.

What’s included?

Chaos To Calm is a immersive course designed to help you to build a profitable, scalable business that gives you enough time and headspace to live a life you love!

Each module covers a key pillar you need to have in place for business success.

You’ll get all my very best – and proven to be effective – advice and guidance on how to design and implement processes and systems for your business. Simple yet comprehensive steps to give you the confidence, support, and structure for huge success.


There’ll also be:


Insight into how I have built my own businesses, what worked and what didn’t so you can apply (or ditch!) what can work for you.


Swipe files so you can get set up straight away (who doesn’t love a swipe file!)


Lifetime access – implement all this at your own pace. And take advantage of future bonuses when they’re released at no extra cost.

Let’s take a closer look …


Module One

Your Business Hub

One of the most important things you’ll ever do for your business.


Module Two

Organise to Optimise

 Get organised and intentional about your time to improve your productivity and mindset.


Module Three

Stay in Control

 Why you only need 14 minutes a day to manage and transform your business


Module Four

There’s A System For That

What you need and why you need it (spoiler alert: a notebook and a spreadsheet isn’t going to cut it!)


Module Five

Mindset Habits and Making It Stick

It takes more than reading a motivational quote to build new habits and maintain a positive mindset.


Module Six

Your Business


I’ve put together a list of all my favourite and recommended resources, books, tools, blogs and podcasts just for you.

Is it time for a change?

If your business was working exactly the way you want it to, you wouldn’t have spent your time reading this far.

When you do things differently:


You get different results


You open up possibilities


You make room for bigger and better things

Are you ready to try something different?

Chaos to calm

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All the toppings to grow your best business!

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