Every other business blog now seems to have a post, if not many, on productivity.

How to shift the way you work to make your business work better

Every other business blog now seems to have a post, if not many, on productivity.  And yes, this blog is no exception!  It’s the latest buzz word, the holy grail of the work-life blend and working at your best, most efficient self to get what you need to get done, done.

But, what if you have all the textbook strategies and you’ve tried many of them, but something still isn’t quite working?  It still feels an uphill struggle and you’re often slipping back into chaos when things should, in theory, be sailing along beautifully.

What do you need to get better at?

In order to become more productive, you need to start by changing the right things.  This will be very much down to you and your business.  It’s easy to get sucked into doing something that everyone seems to have mastered, thinking it will be your saviour when actually it’s just a sticking plaster that will soon fall off as neither you or your business need it.

So how do you work it out? How do you work out where you need to focus to make a difference?

Start at the beginning

You need to take a look at each area of your business and the mechanics that go behind it. See where feels clunky, what you really don’t like doing because of how you do it, or what you’ve been meaning to see if there is a better way of doing, but you don’t know where to start.


Do you get drawn into something, set it all up, work with it for a week or so, only to find that you skip back to your old ways and before you know it you remember you should be trying something different, but whatever that was is a distant memory?  You’re not alone! This is the number one biggest reason why new habits, new ways of working, anything fails to stick.  The novelty value wears off and it’s back to your comfort zone.

To make any change and create a shift, you have to try and stick to something long enough to a) test it out to see if does work for you and b) go all in.  Don’t just try it on a Wednesday, try it everyday and see how it works.  If it’s not for you, I’m not suggesting that you carry on, but you need to work with something for a good few weeks before you decide yes or no.

Our default settings will always have the last say unless we show them otherwise.

Embrace Change

Many people struggle with change.  From the littlest things to big business-changing decisions.  I am a prime example of someone who usually dislikes any change on a major scale, but it is something I have come to realise is inevitable when you run your own business. Embracing change goes hand in hand with your mindset, if you want to make a change you have to want the change enough to make a difference.  Commit to it and make it happen.

We all know it’s not as simple as just typing those words, but it’s an important shift to adopting a more productive mindset.

Shake up your routine

If you are a predominantly home based business, you’ll know how easy it is to slip into a routine, usually based on the one you left behind in the corporate world.  I can totally relate to this.  Coming from an Exec PA role, I worked ‘office hours’ and that is what I have found myself doing at home.  When I first started out, working in the same way was what I knew and was one of the things I knew worked. A comfort zone?  A desk, a computer, and the right tech setup made for a happy PA. But is it the same for a business owner?

A lot of my clients experience this same thing. It feels ‘wrong’ to work anywhere but an ‘office’, or have the flexibility to work from the sofa, a coffee shop, co-working space, kitchen table, or somewhere other than where you ‘usually’ work.

This is my Mission, I’m shaking up how and where I work to get some fresh air and productivity back into my weeks. Being productive doesn’t always have to come from how you are doing something, but from your environment and how you plan your days. Join me?

Let’s see what we can do to give us a boost to an easier, better business.

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