Should you become a course creator?  A speaker?  Everyone seems to be talking about this so perhaps you should do…

S1 Ep. #2: How to build and nurture a portfolio business without getting distracted by every opportunity!

As entrepreneurs we often find ourselves attracted to every opportunity as we try and really hone who we are and what we do and carve out a space for ourselves in this busy online world.

Should you become a course creator?  A speaker?  Everyone seems to be talking about this so perhaps you should do that?

If this sounds all too familiar then you will love this episode!  Let me introduce you to Nicky.

Nicky Raby is a huge advocate of the portfolio career; she’s an actor, qualified life and business coach, writer and speaker. She is passionate about supporting other women (and men!) to create a business and life that defines their version of success.

She has worked with over 1000 clients to help them consolidate their personal brand and become visible so they can do more of what they love and get paid for it.

Nicky talks about how to juggle the many passions and opportunities that might come your way.  How to know when to say yes, and when you should say no, and how to set yourself up to really gain the most from the choices you make.

Nicky is brilliant, she’s passionate, real, down to earth and she makes a lot of sense!  I’ve worked with her over the years and as a coach she is firm but fair, she makes you think and she lovingly challenges what’s holding you back. She’s also great fun, and we have had many good chats outside of business too!

Here’s how you can find out more about Nicky:

A free 15 minute strategy session: nickyraby.com/freesession << you will get so much value with this!  #justsaying

Speak Up programme: nickyraby.com/speakup

Your Personal Brand Plan programme: nickyraby.com/yourpersonalbrandplan

Nicky’s podcast:  Dreaming and Doing

Nicky’s 1-1 Coaching: nickyraby.com/coaching

The Shop: nickyraby.com/shop

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