We live in a culture of busy. Where having “so much to do” is a badge of honour.

The 5 Steps for Taking Your Business from Chaos to Calm

If you’re a fan of inspirational quotes like I am, you’ve probably seen the meme that goes along the lines of “Of course I’m busy, I’m building an empire”.

We live in a culture of busy. Where having “so much to do” is a badge of honour and who has the longest to-do list is a competitive sport.

That’s why, when things in your business are hectic and disorganised, even though it doesn’t feel good, it feels as if this is the way things should be.

Does any of the following sound familiar?


  • Your mind is full trying to keep track of everything you have on the go, and you’re worried you’re going to forget something important.
  • You have notes in notebooks, on Post-Its, scraps of paper, emails and texts to yourself, Evernote – and you can never find that vital piece of information when you need it.
  • Even the simplest of tasks feels like it’s taking forever to do.
    You’re easily thrown off your plans for the day, by letting appointments fall in your protected time, and you allow yourself to get distracted. Boundaries? What boundaries?
  • You constantly feel ‘behind’, and you’re not sure you’re giving your clients the best service you can. There’s a nagging feeling in the back of your mind that you’re going to let someone down and get found out for the imposter you believe you are.
  • You have so many different free trials of software that are supposed to make your life easier – but you can’t remember where you left what task, let alone the password to get in and check!
  • You’ve neglected your own business, and you’re now worried that it’s going to fall over if you go on much longer.
  • You’re overwhelmed, harassed and frazzled. You desperately want to see the wood for the trees but don’t know where to start. You’d quite like a holiday but can’t see that happening any time soon…

If so, you’ve stepped into the realm of business chaos. You’re keeping your head above water – client satisfaction-wise, health-wise and financially – but only just. It’s only going to take one project that goes wrong, a big bill or a bout of the flu to drag you under.

It doesn’t have to be this way!


It is possible to go from chaos to calm. Just imagine…

  • You know exactly what you need to do each day and week, and even have a monthly plan.
  • You’re aware of your most important tasks, and your priorities each day are clear – and you still have room for flexibility should you need it.
  • You’ve defined your boundaries, and you stick to them.
  • You’ve got the right tech in place to support your tasks and projects, social media and finances – and you’re confident they’re serving you well.
  • You can start to say yes to new clients and opportunities that at one time you wouldn’t have done as you weren’t confident that you could fulfil their requirements.
  • You feel positive and confident that you can now work the way you want to and move the business forward in the right direction.
  • You get a lunch break! And have a full two-week break in the sun booked!
  • You feel happy, relaxed, well-rested and excited about the future of your business.

However, just as you can’t build a house overnight, you can’t go from business chaos to calm overnight, either. But with dedicated focus and a plan of action, you can be on your way to falling back in love with your business and back on track to building that empire in only a matter of weeks.

From Chaos to Calm


1. Create your Business Hub – This is one of the most important things you’ll ever do for your business. I recommend Teamwork, but other options include Asana and Trello.

2. Organise to Optimise – Get organised and intentional about how you spend your time to improve your productivity and mindset. Staying focused is the key to productivity.

3. Stay in Control – You can’t just organise yourself once and hope it’ll stick. You have to check in with your business every day to make sure everything’s going to plan, as well as giving yourself one longer planning session each week.

4. There’s a System For That – Keep a track of what you do and how you do it. This will be vital when you come to recruiting new members of your team or outsourcing a part of your business.

5. Mindset Habits – It takes more than reading a motivational quote to build new habits and maintain a positive mindset. Just as you have to check in with your business every day, you have to check in with yourself regularly too. Are you looking after yourself? Are you giving yourself the breaks you need to be able to stay positive and focused?

Are you feeling the chaos in your business? The Chaos To Calm course is designed to help you to build a profitable, scalable business that gives you enough time and headspace to live a life you love!

Find out more HERE

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